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Waiting with Bated Breath for "Trouble with Twelfth Grave" by Darynda Jones

I can't believe I have to wait until October 31st for Darynda's latest Charlie Davidson story to come out. I have been reading and re-reading the first 11 books in the series, they are that great.

So to catch you up and prepare you for this latest book.

Charlie Davidson is a PI in New Mexico, but that is her part time job. Her full time job is the Grimm Reaper, but that won't pay her bills. Her uncle Bob is with the local PD, and he hires her to consult on cases because as the Grimm Reaper, the dead come to her for closure before crossing to the other side. So she can help him nail the killers with help from the recently departed.

She has been the Grimm Reaper since she was born. In fact her first reap, was her own mother who died giving birth to her. The dead can see her from anywhere in the world her light as a portal to heaven is so bright. They pass through her to get to the other side and she gets a glimpse at their lives as they cross. It's amazing and wearing at…

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