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Lorna Barrett’s Booktown Mysteries “Sentenced to Death” Book 5

“Sentenced to Death” is book 5 in the lovely Booktown Mystery Series by Lorna Barrett! This book opens to the Founders Day celebration and Tricia is in the park waiting for her friend Deborah Black to Open the festivities. Meanwhile she’s holding Debra‘s little boy Davey in her arms with the boy fast asleep she takes in the people, tourists and townspeople all there for the celebration!
This starts out such a peaceful placid scene with a festive air, and then the action starts. It wouldn’t be a mystery without a murder, or in this case an accident or is it? There is a small plane pulling a banner flying over the park and it keeps buzzing by lower and lower, and starts to aggravate Trisha. What is he doing flying so low she thinks. And then the unthinkable happens as Debra is giving her speech the plane stalls and starts to come down. People begin to run in all directions away from the gazebo where Deborah is speaking. Before anyone can react, the plane crashes into the gazebo and comes…

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