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New Carrie Marsh Novel! "Paying Back the Dead"

The newest in the Millerfield Village Cozy Murder Mystery Series is here! "Paying Back the Dead" is book 3, though each book can stand alone. Carrie does a fabulous job in building her story and characters so you feel like they are old friends a few chapters in.

In this book, we start with a very stern and disagreeable man, Albert Hugh and his wife Judy having a discussion. He is adamant he won't pay for his son's education because the young man isn't choosing the field of study his father demanded. From that moment I knew this man wasn't long for the world of this story. You hate him the minute his character is introduced.

Soon we catch up with our favorite heroine, Laura as she is waiting in line at the tax auditors offices. A situation that is never fun and always stressful. No one likes paying taxes.

From here the story takes off. The murder is very strange, and Howard, Laura's love interest, is called in as the local Doctor to help with the autopsy.…

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