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Karen MacInerney has a Triple Hit with her Dewberry Farm Mysteries

Book 1 in the series! And I loved this series from the first paragraph! "I've always heard it's no use crying over spilled milk. But after three days of attempting to milk Blossom the cow (formerly Heifer #82), only to have her deliver a well-timed kick that deposited the entire contents of my bucket on the stall floor, it was hard not to feel a few tears of frustration forming in the corners of my eyes." So much feeling in that short opening paragraph. And the story is off and running from there.
You quickly meet the heroine of the story, Lucy Resnick who went from Investigative Reporter for the Houston Chronical to Homesteading the farm that had been formerly owned by her Grandparents and she bought back 6 months before the start of the story.
Between finding out the woman who sold her the farm had kept the mineral rights and was planning to drill for oil and then finding the same woman dead at the Founder's Day festival Lucy is not having a great start to fa…

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