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Lorraine Bartlett's Lotus Bay Mysteries: Technically books 1 & 2, "Panty Raid" & "With Baited Breath"

First is this delightful short story that gave me quite a laugh, "Panty Raid" which is an introduction to Tori Cannon and Kathy Grant and how they became friends.

I totally loved this quirky and humorous introduction story. Kathy and Tori had been best friends and college roommates who swore they would stay in touch, but as usual, life had interfered and they usually only saw each other once a year.

Kathy, who went to business school and wanted to someday own her own Bed and Breakfast works in the Hospitality Industry. Tori is a school teacher who after 7 years teaching was losing her love for the job. Kids had just gotten too entitled and didn't care about learning as they had in the past. Or that is how it felt to her.

And the girls get together just before the start of summer when Kathy gives Tori a call with a problem that she is dealing with and was hoping for a little girl time with her bestie and maybe a bit of clue solving while they were together.

This story h…

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