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Ellery Adams has a new hit series with "The Secret, Book & Scone Society"!

From the opening of this mystery I was drawn in. With the lead character, Nora, and the mystery behind her burn scars I was hooked. But the secrets held by Nora, Estelle, Hester & June are what binds the women and cements their friendship. A murder brings them together to solve the mystery when they realize their idiot, bigoted sheriff would rather rule it suicide than look into the murder. So the women decide they have to figure the murder out themselves.

As they work on the problem of the murder they each confess their secret to the other three. It's a cathartic release for each of them. Nora helps them with her form of book therapy and Hester makes their release of each secret easier to bear with her scone therapy.

Add in a delectable and hunky EMT who is drawn to Nora and a Deputy who develops a bit of a crush on Hester and you have the lighter moments through the story!

A wonderful start to a new series! I finished the book today and can't wait for book two!

Thank you…

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