Murder in the Secret Garden : by Ellery Adams

So, this is the 3rd book in this fantastic series by Ellery Adams. And I have to say, WAHOO! This series just gets better and better!

This one opens with Jane Steward preparing for dual events at Storyton Hall, her beloved Inn full of wonderful library rooms and book themed suites. The first is a convention of an Herbalist Group and the second is a wedding. It looks like a busy and fun week is ahead. Plus there is a new shop in the Village of Storyton, an Outdoorsman shop, run by a very nice older couple who also are members of the Herbalist group. 

The new shop owners plan a Duck Race the first day of the Herbalists Gathering and this sets the scene for the mystery. This time though the body that Jane finds isn't in Storyton Hall, but in the river. And yet, there is much mystery she must solve as the woman she finds is one of the Herbalists whom Jane had met and liked. There are many twists to the plot, the possible love interest for Jane that she can't decide if she should trust or not, the herbalists themselves including one highly unpleasant woman who goes by the Stage Name, The Poison Princess. And finally a missing Herbal Book that had been in the hidden room that is the closely guarded secret of her family, but she had put in a locked case on display for the herbalists to view.

Will Jane solve the mystery before the Herbalists leave? Will the wedding go off without a hitch? Will Jane finally give Edwin Allcot the time of day or tell him to stay away? All is intriguingly revealed as the story unfolds.

This is fast become a favorite series in the Cozy Mystery Genre! I highly recommend you add to your reading list today. The first two books are "Murder in the Mystery Suite" and "Murder in the Paperback Parlor".

I give it Five Stars! *****


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