Hooray for Karen MacInerney and Whale of a Crime!

I haven't read much of late, but one of my favorite authors had a new book out this week and I decided I needed to read and get out of the everyday I had been doing. So glad I did! What a great story!

The series revolves around Natalie and her husband John and their lovely Gray Whale Inn on Cranberry Island in Maine! This story starts with a whale watching excursion and finding a pod with one of the whales tangled with fishing gear on its flukes. The captain of the schooner brings it in too close to the pod to show off to an investor, ignoring the advice of the Naturist and Expert on board who warns they are breaking laws by bringing the ship in so close and endangering the whales.

From there the plot just thickens with one twist and turn after another. There is a murder, theft, spying and double dealing afoot and Natalie is hard to put to stay ahead and solve things. Add in a hard headed and impossible relative showing up unannounced and you have a load of stress and ultimately a really great read!

I love how by the end you have been taken on an emotional journey of growth, some healing and much good food!

And for those interested, Karen has also put out a lovely recipe book The Gray Whale Kitchen! All the best recipes from this series put together in cookbook form. I can't wait to try a few of the dishes in here.

So I highly recommend the Gray Whale Inn Mysteries and the newest book in the series, Whale of a Crime! Read on friends, Read on!


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