Tonya Kappes Newest book, "Spies And Spells"

If you loved her Magical Cures Mystery Series, you are going to enjoy her newest series, Spies and Spells, Book 1.

Maggie is a natural witch. But she hasn't had her Calling yet. As the Heroine of the story puts it, she hasn't found her life's journey. In the mean time she works in the family restaurant, The Brew! A diner open for Breakfast and Lunch only. Her sister Lilith works the early shift and also is waiting for her life's journey to start.

In comes 2 handsome strangers and suddenly Maggie's world gets exciting. One is a crook the other a cop. And Maggie ends up working with the Cop, Mick on his case. In the exciting world of High Fashion Cosmetics and Direct Sales for Mystic Couture. Maggie had always wanted to try their cosmetics, but they were way too expensive. Now she is in the middle of that world.

Spies and Spells is fun, fast paced and full of colorful characters. I can't wait for the next book, this one hooked me pretty quick.

If you like Paranormal Mysteries, you will love Tonya Kappes wonderful new series!

A definite 2 thumbs up!


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