Upcoming Reviews for all 9 books in the Charley Davidson Grim Reaper Series!

Darynda Jones is the author of one of my favorite finds this year. I know I came to her series a bit after the fact, but these books are fantastic. A bare bones break down of the storyline is:

Charley Davidson is a PI who also happens to be the Grim Reaper. Which honestly isn't as bad as that sounds. She helps souls who didn't cross immediately after their deaths to get the closure they need and then they literally pass through her to get to the other side. She is a shining beacon that draws the departed to her. And she is a Portal for them to get to Heaven. And as they pass through her she gets a sense or slide show of their lives.

Through out the series she is helped by her faithful friend and bestie, Cookie and her adorable daughter Amber. She helps her Uncle Bob, a Albuquerque Detective to solve murders. She of course has an advantage since she can see and talk to those who were killed and get the answers to how they were killed. She has done this since she was a child first helping her Dad and then Uncle Bob once her father retired. Her first soul was her own mother who died giving birth to her.

There is of course a love interest, Reyes Farrow whom in the first book is in jail for killing his father. Yet he comes to her as a dark avenging guardian when ever she is in danger and carries a large sword which he uses to strike down any who try to harm her. Though he only severs the spine since she forbade him to kill. She doesn't know who he is at first and calls him "The Big Bad", but soon she finds out who he is and eventually he lets her know who he truly is and how he is able to protect her even when he isn't physically there.

The stories are filled with mystery, intrigue, some serious hard times for Charley and some reveals along the way that are just to interesting to describe. Or I should say, full disclosure would be serious spoiler alerts.

Get book one and start sliding down that rabbit hole that is Charley's life. You will love the adventure that Darynda  takes you on with each book! And stay tuned for Book 10, coming soon.


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