Sandi Scott’s Seagrass Sweets cozy mystery, Book 2, “Tarte Tatin Murder”

Book two picks up just weeks after book one finishes. Ashley is catering a benefit for cancer research at the local golf course country club. She’s almost run over by a golf cart seconds after she gets out of her catering truck. The person doesn’t even stop just kind of waved at her and keeps on going.

She meets her friend Ryan’s uncle, Charlie, at this event. And notes that it is barely 10 in the morning and Charlie is fairly soused. Her set up of desserts is well liked and as the golfers competing in the charity event return she sees the goodies dwindle fast and lots of happy faces. But that changes when Charlie returns and he is beyond drunk and not making a lot of sense. He keeps yelling he was called to an emergency but he can’t find his phone. Ashley gets Ryan there to help him when the police arrive to say his golf partner is dead and they were taking him in for questioning.

We have cancer researchers, their interns and Doctoral Grad Students, good Food and a murder to solve! And once again Sandi manages to give lots of hints & clues to keep the reader guessing right to the finish! Another marvelous read!

Can’t wait to delve into book 3. And yes, we had Recipes this time!

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