Sandi Scott's Seagrass Sweets Mysteries: Book 1, "Cream Puff Murder"

I really enjoyed this fun Cozy Mystery. Sandi managed to give enough clues and false trails that I actually was surprised when the killer was revealed. That is the mark of a well crafted mystery.

We open at an Awards event where Ashley and her partner Patty got the catering gig. Ashley is watching the serving staff set up the table with her gorgeous desserts, the centerpiece an amazing Croquembouche. (I personally want to see one of these now that she described it in such delectable detail.) She notices they are not setting up the table as she asked them to and is urged by Patty to step up and correct them. All while Hope McCay, the keynote speaker is giving her speech about the care of the Seagrass wetlands that makes their town so lovely.

Ashley is approached by Colleen, Bob McCay's secretary to make sure the dessert will be served as soon as Hope's speech is over. Soon after, Ashley overhears an argument in the bathroom between Colleen and a man. And that is the groundwork for the mystery and murder that soon follows. Colleen is found dead the next day from apparent food poisoning and the only thing she had eaten was one of Ashley's Cream Puff's.

The story heats up with the investigation to clear Ashley's name and her food. I loved each false clue, so neatly laid that you are left guessing right to the end. And being a foodie and dog lover, I truly enjoyed Ashley's relationship with her big sweet dog, Dizzy. Also her closeness to her long time friend and former work mate in the IT world, Ryan.

All in all I loved this story and look forward to reading the next book in the series! I give a definite recommend to "Cream Puff Murder" and the Seagrass Sweets Mystery Series! Kudos to Sandi Scott!