Lorraine Bartlett’s Lotus Bay Mysteries, Book 2, “A Reel Catch”

A Reel Catch” is the next book in the Lotus Bay mystery series. For me this was the first one to read in the series, so I had a little catch-up to do. But these characters are so well written that I was on board with what was happening within 15 pages. That’s a sign of a well written book. Even though it’s part of a series it could stand on its own and the reader will not be lost.

 I love the fact that this is set in Lotus Point, NY area. For those who don’t know I have family in Sodus Point area of NY. So I totally get the whole lake Ontario scenarios that is laid out in the book. I expect in the future she will include some reference to Lake Effect Snow. If you have ever been in that part of NY or any state on one of the great lakes, then you will know what that is all about.

Anyhow, this book has 3 central characters, Kathy Grant who is opening the Swans Nest B & B, Tori Cannon who has the Cannon Compound consisting of docks, a boat house, bait and tackle shop and the Lotus Lodge. Of that the docks and bait and tackle are the only parts up and running. The Lodge is in needs of repairs to get operational again. And their friend Anissa Jackson who is a general contractor and Tori's childhood friend.

We open with Kathy and Tori clearing some brush near the marsh on the Swans Nest property. Kathy is just weeks away from her big opening of her beloved Bed and Breakfast. While working on clearing the brush Tori notices a plaid jacket in the water. She goes to the boat shed to get an oar to help fish it out and dons a pair of waders while she is there. But that jacket isn't coming out as easy as she thought and when Kathy screams and Tori falls in, she discovers it's not an empty jacket but a body. And the story is off and running.

Between wondering who the dead man was, and how he ended up in the water, they are also dealing with a smarmy character who tries to hustle Tori for the Lodge, and the richest woman in the county, Lucinda Bloomfield, makes her bid also for the property. It gets pretty crazy and rocky at points for the women, but they are strong and determined gals who don't fade away at the first sign of adversity. They tackle things head on. And they show many talents, not just for their businesses which they are determined to make work.

This is a book series I would highly recommend to anyone who loves a good mystery and wants to see strong women working together to solve any crisis thrown at them.

Coming out on August 3, "A Reel Catch", preorder your copy today.


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